On Saturday EWH took our first weekend trip to a coffee farm at the base of Mount Kilimanjaro. There we got to learn how to brew our own coffee from scratch. Here is the process that led to the best coffee “kahawa” I’ve ever had.

To start we looked at the coffee beans that are only good to pick when they turn red.beanz.jpg

You then peel off the outer shell and let them dry in the sun for a few days (these were already done).IMG_1182.JPG

Next we grind off the second shell with a mortar and pestle.IMG_1195.JPG

And sift the shells out. IMG_1198.JPG

Now add the beans to boiling water…IMG_1200.JPGIMG_1212.JPGIMG_1218.JPG

And grind the cooked beans into a powder.IMG_1219.JPGUntitled-1.jpg

It is really strongIMG_1227.JPGIMG_1229.JPG

Now make the coffee from the ground-up beans.IMG_1234.JPG

So good… 🙂IMG_1245.JPG


After making coffee and getting an energy boost we hiked up to the base camp that is the start of the actual Kilimanjaro climb. IMG_1264.JPGIMG_1269.JPGIMG_1282.JPGIMG_1290.JPGIMG_1292.JPG

Avocados “Parachichi”

A river of abandoned avocados at the coffee farm that nobody even wants…IMG_1204.JPG

Random other things

On Sunday, I went to church with my homestay dad Nuru.IMG_1332.JPGIt was pretty cool to experience even though I could not understand very much of the sermon.

And went to the local market.IMG_1335.JPG

Lastly I ended the weekend with a pretty good dinner of banana stew and avocadoIMG_1175.JPG

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