Hospital Masaya

Hello Reader! I haven’t been able to update recently because I have had a hard time finding wifi to upload my pictures. But, I managed to upload them late last night so now I’m ready to go 🙂

This week in lab we practiced Troubleshooting with a few pieces of equipment EWH owns in Nicaragua.2017-06-07 16.11.44-1

This is Tracy using an Electrosurgery Unit on a mango to make Che Guevara’s face. Super Cool! One interesting thing that happened was that as she turned on the pen for a burn/cut, the phone image was distorted significantly. ESUs work with high frequency waveforms that, since they were not well shielded in this device, actually affected the nearby phone.

2017-06-07 16.17.40

And Iyad and Seth talking over a Nebulizer pump. Basically devices that have to move air like a Nebulizer or an Aspirator (although they are opposites) work with the same operating principle. A motor mechanically creates a vacuum to suck air in or internal pressure to push air out. It is really useful to get practice with motors like this because the more that you see, the more familiar with them you become and the easier they are to understand.

2017-06-09 11.01.49

Danni and Nico working on an Autoclave with a leak they were able to clamp closed.

2017-06-09 11.01.54

Teja finishing closing an Aspirator the group worked on. It had a timing issue but after a good cleaning it worked properly.

2017-06-09 11.44.41

An old pulse oximeter that I was able to get working again by resetting pin connections on the circuit board inside the box. I’m actually not sure if this will even go back into service because modern pulse oximeters are cheap and just the size of the finger piece. But it was cool to work on anyway!

2017-06-09 11.52.51

Mackenzie working on an aspirator motor.

2017-06-09 12.56.32

Janaye and a Nebulizer…

2017-06-09 15.07.00

And a scale…2017-06-09 12.10.49

And filling out paperwork.2017-06-09 10.02.29

Either a volcano drill or a fire drill. The hospital was doing both today.2017-06-09 13.30.18

One of the two cryogenic guns Hiba and Tracy fixed. 2017-06-09 15.16.22

Oven that was working even though it was in the broken pile. The controls were really confusing so we left instructions in Spanish.2017-06-09 15.22.17

Hot plate fixed for the lab (or maybe a kitchen somewhere).

And I’m going back to Masaya this Friday with half of the Lab groups! There should be a lot more stuff waiting for us then 🙂








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