Juigalpa was a highway town that I didn’t really get to see a lot of because I spent both days there traveling to clinics in the countryside. But it was pretty fun riding in the back of a pickup truck seeing beautiful mountains, and valleys, and occasionally even some traffic jams…

Please mooooooove.


This is one of the neatest designs of a centrifuge I’ve seen. It even comes with an optional spider to get rid of any bugs that find their way inside.


Kevin and Seth both working on nebulizers. We worked on a lot of nebulizers. Some of them had loose pieces inside that had to be re-attached or pistons out of alignment or just needed some preventative maintenance. But every nebulizer we worked on we managed to get working.IMG_4772

Nebulizers and Centrifuge.


The cutest nebulizer of all time.


Autoclave. Someone somehow managed to break off the temperature dial but we were able to reset it by bending a piece of metal out of the way and then re-positioning it.


Kevin working on a centrifuge.

And then this passed by outside the clinic we were working at… I guess white horses can’t dance either. 🙂

That weekend the three of us traveled to a port town via speedboat on the river Rama on the Caribbean coast called Blue Fields. There, we went fishing for the day with a random fisherman we found and paid for his fuel. We used a method of fishing called gill-fishing which I think is illegal in a lot of the US. We tossed about a quarter-kilometer of net across a a strong tide entering the bay from a river and waited. It was a really cool day on the water and the fisherman spoke a language called Mezquita which was a mixing of all kinds of languages and included quite a few English and Spanish words. I don’t have any pictures because we were getting wet and rained on a lot but it was a unique and beautiful experience and a part of Nicaragua I’m glad I was able to see. Seth took a lot of GoPro videos including a pelican landing in our boat full speed to try to steal some fish.

Then began my long journey back north to visit Nico and Teja in Jinotega!


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