Arrived in Chinandega via Leon just a few days ago.


Mckenna working on a nebulizer.IMG_4853

Everyone gets a patient monitor!


Mackenzie and Janaye working on nebulizers.


And then you have to do paperwork :/


For their secondary project the girls are going to build a new Biomedical workshop that the hospital really needs. The one they have now is that tiny room that is not clean and is cramped with all the different hospital staff that works there.


Here’s a Snapchat progress pic.


And the highlight of the day. I got a triple…


The I came to Leon for the night. This is a really cool cathedral with paint made from egg whites, sand, and chalk. Walking on it got paint dust all over my clothes. I met a really nice lady at the top that gave me a quick visual tour of all of Leon from the top.


Not a job I would want.IMG_4904

And then a parade today for an anniversary of a FSLN victory. Leon was the capital of the movement.IMG_4847

“For liberty we have fought and now we swear to defend it”

Tomorrow, I will go on a 2-day hike of some volcanoes outside of Leon for the weekend. After that I will be in La Trinidad for 2 weeks working alone in the hospital there. I will actually be staying at the hospital so I am probably going to be off the grid for awhile… I have no idea if I will be able to get wifi or what my room will be like. But I couldn’t be more excited!



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