Last dinner at home with Nuru, Faiaz, and Monica^


Ok I’ve fallen  behind with these posts but I’m hoping to catch up now that I’ve settled into my second month in Tanzania. From now on I will be working at Hospitali Mawenzi in Moshi, but this post is mostly wrapping up my time in Usa River.


Only on my last week at TCDC did I start walking home on a cool path through a forest, across a river, and into a lot of farmlands. I’m super glad I found it though because it’s a great way to remember the Usa River area by. The town was a lot of hustle and bustle on the main road with all the bodabodas and daladalas, but there were so many different facets and places around that it would take years to discover it all.

This is an “Ibis”


In the marshes by the river you could see these birds every day.

This is a “Hammerkop”


And generally you can see a great view of Mount Meru…


But not always 🙂


Before we left town two EWH girls decided that they wanted to buy fabric and have dresses tailored in the Usa River Market. I thought that sounded really cool so I tagged along to have one made for my sister, Katherine.


And they turned out great! I won’t be coming home empty-handed.

And I saw this really cool iron at the shop. Yes they use charcoals… I think they may have this because electricity is really expensive and unreliable here but I’m really not sure.


My time in Usa River was great and I had a lot of fun learning at TCDC. The goodbyes were sad now that we are all splitting up to different hospitals but it’s been going great so far and we are going to see each other in one week now for our Ngorongoro trip!

What’s Next?

I will be working at Mawenzi every day. I want to start writing about what I’ve been doing at the hospital (it’s been challenging and fun), but I know that I want to spend a lot of time on that post and do it right so it will have to come later. There is so much exploring and work piling up both in the hospital and in Moshi when I have to go shop diving for parts that I haven’t really had time to gather my thoughts or get any good pictures. Hopefully soon!

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