St. Jude’s

St. Jude’s

This Saturday EWH visited The School of St. Jude in Usa River to teach (and learn from) students at the school. “The school, located across three campuses, provides free, high-quality primary and secondary education to the poorest and brightest children of the Arusha Region; it also provides boarding for 1,389 students, and employs over 300 East African staff members.”


And it was a ton of fun! I ended up teaching two guys named Rajab and Aron. We built an Optical Heart Rate Monitor from an EWH kit and it went really well and worked perfectly in the end.

Francesca teaching her students.IMG_2485.JPG

Rajab and Aron soldering. They had never soldered before but by the end of the project I am pretty sure they were both better than me :). My favorite part of working with the two was how interested in the project and about learning they were. It was an unending stream of questions for 3 hours that I answered as best I could. At the end of the day they could describe what Resistors, Capacitors, LPFs, HPFs, Diodes, Sensors, and OP-Amps could do in the circuit, in detail. Pretty cool!


Here is the board working. Every time the red-light sensor senses a difference in light being reflected off of the bone in the finger caused by a pulse in blood the green LED shows the change. This is our version of a pulse-oximeter!



Colobus Monkey

When we got back to Leganga, there was a troop of Colobus monkeys hanging out at TCDC. I think they look like skunks…



They really weren’t afraid to make acrobatic leaps in the trees.


What’s Next?

I’m moving to Moshi on Tuesday to work at Mawenzie Hospital!

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