Lake Manyara

This weekend EWH traveled to Lake Manyara on Saturday and to the Ngorongoro Crater on Sunday. Ernest Hemingway called Lake Manyara “The loveliest [lake] … in Africa.” And I can see why… Even though the lake is full of salt, it was surrounded and filled with wildlife, and there were some amazing views all day. Here are a lot of my favorite pictures from the trip.

This is the biggest troop of baboons we have seen yet.IMG_2869

I promise the baby is ok! When they are still young they can’t sleep standing so the other elephants hang around for protection.IMG_2916

A big bull elephant. “Tembo kubwa”IMG_2925

On the shore of the lake there were a lot of different animals all together and some really great views.IMG_2944




This is a “Spoonbill”IMG_2974



Sleepy Buffalo 🙂IMG_3043

These are black herons and they have a very smart method for catching fish… They make shade with their wings that the fish will swim into and become bird food.IMG_3054


After Lake Manyara we started moving towards higher ground.

Grabbing some bugs.IMG_3000

Nile Monitor I was lucky to spot. It was almost invisible here and left when it realized a car had finally seen it.IMG_3022

African Grey HornbillIMG_2986

Pumba! Now I just need to find Timon…warthog

After the long day of exploring we went to sleep in tents at the top of a ridge overlooking Lake Manyara.


And watched a pretty great sunrise before Ngorongoro! 🙂


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