Hi Readers! I just finished my 2ish weeks on the road traveling between hospitals so I’m going to do a few blog posts (one for each hospital/town I went to). I was helping the EWH participants transition into working in the hospitals and checking in on their home-stays. This basically involved me getting to work on medical equipment with each group for a day or two because, for the most part, there were no issues.


Danni and Whitney meeting the tech that works at their hospital, Omar. Looking pretty cool leaning on the incubator he’s working on.


Fetal/Maternal Monitor. It needs a new re-chargeable battery so that it can work without being plugged in.


Maintenance on an aspirator. Omar really likes to paint old metal devices chrome to prevent rust. I think it looks pretty good but its kind of an inside joke now because so many things are getting painted chrome…



Mistakes were made. But at least her hands won’t be rusty.


Plenty to work on here. Infant heating light being used as storage alongside a few aspirators, centrifuges, EKGs, etc.


Handheld fetal doppler. There were a weirdly large amount of Neonatal devices to work on.


Old version of EKG. Pretty cool device the bulbs compress to pinch the metal onto your skin. If any doctors are reading ignore the printed out sheet, I definitely hooked myself up wrong… My heart works ok for now.


And then I hiked to the top of a mountain with a cross to look down at the city. It’s really pretty in a bowl of a valley.


Mary was there to keep me company.

Then I went on to Somoto!

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